Love Is Colourblind by Evie

Summer 2020 is over, and it turned out to be a horrible nightmare... It all started with the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson's shocking announcement on the evening news, "The World is fighting another pandemic, a new virus is spreading across the globe and is about to reach our country." He tells us that it's nothing like we have ever seen before as the virus attacks our eyesight, so nobody will be able to see colours anymore. All colours have disappeared from our vision, like a sort of colour-blindness, so we can no longer tell each other apart. The Prime Minister has reassured us that our eyesight will come back in a few months when the pandemic is defeated or when a vaccine is invented.

People started to get ready for the virus to attack. Scientists worked around the clock to find a vaccine for this new threat. Communities started labelling the colour of their clothes, crayons, medicines, food, hot and cold taps, paints and pens so that they wouldn't mix the wrong colours together or put themselves in danger.

Two weeks later, Boris told the nation "The virus is here so be prepared for what will happen. You can go about your everyday life but we now all look the same, so wear name badges, keep calm and carry on."

Meanwhile, the pandemic has spread around the World. The nations can no longer distinguish colours. For generations some people had been friends with people who only appeared like themselves and this had caused a lot of upset and inequality amongst others. So with this colour blindness virus, we made new friends and were even enjoying the pandemic as it made us think more freely, and we were all treated as an equal because we look the same as each other. Instead of judging people by the colour of their skin, we were seeing people for who they really are, their personality, kindness and if they make us laugh. People were supporting each other and sharing stories about their life and we started to feel much more united during the pandemic. We soon realised that in many ways we are all the same because deep down we are all human beings, and nothing changes just because of our skin colour or culture, but it is our personalities and things we like that makes us special.

Six months later, Boris appeared back on the TV in full colour and said "The pandemic is over and we have found a vaccine, it will be delivered to your house at midday today, and soon we can all see colours again and everything will appear as it used to do". When our vision returned to normal, we found we had made all sorts of new friends from different cultures and life was so much better and happier. Unfortunately for Boris, he forgot to label his clothes and appeared with blue hair, a pink suit, brown shirt and a donut tie.

The End!